The Diamond
Tool Company

Toolgal – the Premier Manufacturer of Diamond Tools for the Construction, Stone and Tool Grinding Industries



Grinding Wheels

For more than 50 years, Toolgal has been the global leader in manufacturing high-performance Diamond Tools. Our vertically integrated manufacturing operations, combined with our advanced design capabilities, yield innovative products of consistently high quality.

Toolgal's products serve a variety of cutting, sawing, drilling and polishing applications for concrete, asphalt, granite and other natural or engineered stone, including quartzite. Our diamond and CBN grinding wheels are used by leading cutting tool manufacturers worldwide, and are ideal for applications in the metalworking and wood industries.

Diamond Chains
for Concrete

Unique configuration provides easier and faster cutting. Suitable for all top brand chain saws.

Polishing Pads

Matched to address the properties of the particular type of stone, cut or polish faster and with less effort.

Grinding Wheels
for Fluting

An innovative bond designed to grind faster while leaving a superior, polish-like surface finish.