Toolgal - The Diamond Tool Company

Toolgal is not only a pioneer and an innovator in its field, it is also one of the world leading manufacturers of diamond tools for Construction, Stone and Tool Grinding industries.

From local market to global recognition

Founded over 50 years ago, Toolgal established itself in the Galilee region in Northern Israel. Today, Toolgal is an export-based company active in five continents and it is recognized as a leading name in markets from North America, through Scandinavia, UK, Spain, France, Italy and Germany, to India and the Asia Pacific.

Uniquely flexible - better to meet your needs

Toolgal is unique in its production strategy, offering three sintering methods, each with its own palette of bonds. This enables precision customization for any application, while our all-under-one-roof strategy bestows the added benefit of rapid response.

The Toolgal Trademarks - flexibility and diversification

Flexibility and diversification - result in significant advantages for the professional market. These include the production of a wide range of tool types, from saws and drills to grinders, mills and floor polishing tools. Our response time, even for producing new products, is impressively quick.

Professionalism, quality and service

In accord with the professionalism of our customers, we aim for the highest standards. Quality assurance is a top priority, strictly adhered to with guaranteed compliance. In addition to our products, we offer comprehensive services including lab & field testing services, brazing and re-tipping services and custom formulations to assist our customers in optimizing their performance.

At the leading edge of our field

To ensure keeping up with new applications and customer requirements, Toolgal maintains a state-of-the-art laboratory for material analysis. In addition, to keep the leading edge in its field, Toolgal is engaged in collaborations with leading technological institutes to conduct R&D in metallurgical and materials fields. The recently introduced new generation of diamond tools for applications in concrete and abrasive materials such as asphalt, incorporates improved segment (bond and diamonds) content and redesigned geometry. With an eye on the future and a finger on the pulse of industry trends, Toolgal also adds features to its products, such as dust suppression in consideration of the health and safety aspect of the users/operators work.